Zanzibar Pristine natural beauty

Endless coral reefs, spectacular underwater flora and fauna, sea safaris, unparalleled scuba diving opportunities, kitesurfing, sunset cruises, spice tours, luxury short safaris, a cheetah sanctuary, and turtle conservation sites are just some of the amazing travel experiences you can enjoy during your trip to Zanzibar.

The rich culture and history of the island along with the pure African spirit and the delicious local cuisine fills you with joy, peace, and serenity. A rejuvenating connection with your body and mind awaits you from the moment you land!

Matemwe is a virgin beach, fishing village in a peaceful location filled with trees, flowers, and plants that are nothing short of a tropical paradise.

The enthusiastic concierge team of Zoi Boutique Hotel is always by your side to help you discover the best that the island has to offer.