Few places in the world can boast the allure of an unspoiled lifestyle and landscape. Matemwe is pure paradise surrounded by palm trees, tropical waters, white sand, and coconut trees. Local fishermen jump on their traditional boats for the catch of the day, adding colour to the incredible views of those looking at the ocean and the vast horizon in front of our property.

It is a safe fishing village with friendly locals who live at the end of the long, sandy beach in beautiful traditional settlements under the palm trees.

The main occupations of the locals are fishing, agriculture, seaweed harvesting, and tourism.

Thanks to its year-round warm climate, Matemwe is a dream destination for relaxed holidays on the beach.

Matemwe is located on the north-east of Zanzibar. It is a 60-minute drive from the Abeid Amani Karume international airport.

Zanzibar has very good flight connections with major hubs, making it an appealing destination for travellers from all over the world.